Travel Series | 001 

If you're new here - hey! I'm Bri - and I freaking LOVE to travel. 

Like, a lot. 

I was incredibly fortunate to travel a lot when I was a kid, which I have no doubt helped shape who I am today, but in 2015 I went on a trip that sparked everything.

In 2015 - my mom brought me to Italy with my Aunt on a work trip. We spent 15 days there, traveling all over Italy, visiting all the Churches, drinking tons of wine (I was legal!), and eating all of the pasta. 

In 2016 - I went on my first trip without my family, it was to NYC.

In 2017 - I went back with school again, then a week after we got back from that trip - two other girls and I went to Chicago and then to Tennessee to Knoxville and the mountains for spring break and I knew right then that traveling was fueling me. 

That May, three other girls and I went on a road trip to California. I remember us packing SO MUCH into those two weeks thinking "we have to see everything we can because we will probably never be back out there". 

I came home from that trip and instantly set a goal for myself that by the time I turned 24 I would go to all 50 states.


I'm now 9 months away from turning 24 and I have 8 states left, including Alaska and less than half of the 61 National Parks left. 

Since May 2017, I've been out west 5 times. I don't say that to brag, I say that to show you that if you're passionate about something - you can make it happen. (I talk about that over on my How to: Afford to Travel post!). 

That being said, I figured I'd start a travel series - break down my trips, routes, things I've seen. Give you my tips and tricks for the areas, what I think you should see or maybe what you can pass up. 

As I've been working on this new blog - I've been going through my old one and I've realized it's really neat to have this little travel diary of the places I've seen, and it's not something I'm ready to let go of yet.

I hope you stick around for the ride and enjoy it as much as I have. 

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